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Thread: to scott howson

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    to scott howson

    you know scott people and players are tired of hearing yoy have something to prove to upper management. why dont you tae a look at what has happened in last two you put a team together consisting of alot of new faces and diffrent style of players you have got to give these kids a chance to gel.this team is gonna gel and play well in the next couple of months.but to say they have to prove it to you is a big joke.stand back and see the lite i see a team playing very hard for us fans considering what they have due to injuries.some games they could have performed a little better but considering the division they are in i am very proud of are team we have in for you i think you need to prove your self to the team and get them some help to continue to put a quality group of players on the ice so we can compete with this road trip and the teams we are about to face you know and the whole fan base knows you are sending are team to a gunfight with a knife and if you blame this team for not being in a position to be in the playoffs somebody should fire you.use your head and give are guys a legit shot to be a playoff squad get your gun and pull the trigger on some deals now before its to late.thats what most of are loyal fans are saying and you better believe this buddyboy. so go prove to us and your team that you got their back.

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    You R a wiseman.

    But you were talking about how well the kids were gelling, wouldn't high profile, or several low profile, additions be dangerous to a team that's relied on chemistry?

    Not saying you're wrong, just that it's dangerous to assume that players from outside the organization will automatically mean better on-ice product.
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