This week Corey writes an extremely informative blog about the NFLPA and the lack of benefits for retired players. He also includes little known facts about the life of NFL Players. Here is an excerpt:

1) The average life span of NFL players is 57 years old.
2) Nearly 80 percent of NFL players file for either divorce or bankruptcy within two years of their retirement
3) The average NFL career is 3.1 years
4) A vested player must play at least three years in the NFL to receive retirement benefits and a pension.
5) Although the average NFL salary is about $1 million dollars, only 10 percent of the league makes that amount or more.
6) Over 65 percent of NFL players have no college degree
7) The NFLPA sells the name and likeness of retired NFL players to people like EA Sports (Madden 09) but the retired players get zero dollars.
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