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No, I just have a never ending soreness around my right knee. What do you mean by Squeaking? As in like a door sqeaking?
It's tough to explain, but if it was happening to you, I'd say you'd know what I meant.

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A little, yes. When I try to bend it 90 degrees.
Again, I'm nowhere near qualified to be diagnosing or whatever, but it sounds like a little patellar tendinitis.

If you're a sport player or if you put lots of stress on your knees for whatever reason, my biggest advice is to stretch your legs before you do whatever it is that you do. The tendinitis is probably caused by a sudden increase in pressure on your joints.

If you like to work out, know your limit on your legs. Do leg-presses, side-step ups, mini-squats. Start small, work on strengthening the knee.

In the meantime, keep icing and take some ibuprofen for the inflammation and swelling.