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    Apr 2004

    Exclamation Make a Forum Advertisement for PSD's Main Site!

    Hey guys,

    We would like to have an ad made for the main site promoting the forum.

    We would like it to be based on the Winter Meetings for MLB. They are coming up so we have a lot of people visiting the rumor pages. The ad is going to link to the MLB forum. It can be animated like a .gif or a normal signature type thing. The ad should be 300X125 OR 300X150. Nothing in between.

    There is not a guarantee we will be able to use it, because SDI's design team usually does this stuff (though they are very busy right now). But chances are we will use the best one out of what you guys can come up with.


    • 300X125 or 300X150
    • About the Baseball rumors/trade
    • Winter Meetings
    • Something click click here to view the latest news and discussion in our forum
    • Must look professional

    Thanks in advance to whoever wants to give it a shot!

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    Sep 2005
    This should be interesting, everyone make at least 1 and we can chose 3 or 4 to animate them.....

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