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And also, yes backloading probably would be best for this year and next year. You know why, because he's already backloaded to the hilt previously. If he hadn't done that he wouldn't need to do it now.
And if he hadn't done that we wouldn't be as good as we are now. It's a smart financial decision with the way baseball's grown lately, and looks like it's going to continue to grow. Yeah it's going to hurt some next year, but really that's the only year that's going to be all that bad. I'll take one winter where Hendry's hands are tied and he can't do anything, considering all the stuff we've done the past several winters. Not to mention, are we even really going to have a place to spend money next winter? We're apparently looking for a RFer right now, so that'll be full, and everywhere else but 2b and SS will be locked down as well. Resigning Derosa or finding another fix for 2b might be about the extent of things we need/want next winter