Location:Indianapolis Indiana - South Side
Attend/Attending a HS in Indiana? Where?: 1987 Manual Grad
Favorite Pacer Player(s):Collison now...I know it's early )
Favorite Past Pacer Player(s): The Davis brothers...Dale and Antonio
Favorite NBA Player(s): D. Howard/Wade
Favorite Past NBA Player(s): Bird/Jordan/Stockton & Malone duo
Most Hated NBA Player(s): Kobe
Most Hated NBA Team(s): Lakers/Bulls
Other NBA Teams You Support?: None really...mainly players
Other Teams You Support (NCAA too): Colts/IU/Indpls Indians/Notre Dame-Homer for the most part...lol
Sports You Enjoy Playing?: Softball, Basketball, jogging, lifting weights...staying in shape at my age is the goal.
Favorite Food?: On a diet right now...anything low cal. Use to be Pizza.
Favorite Movie?: The entire Rambo series and the first Preditor (I aint got time to bleed! Favorite line of all time)
Anything else you wish to share?: Coach PTYB girls Basketball, Currently playing Slow pitch Softball - E-League for old washed up guys. Have 3 daughters and a great wife.