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    Quote Originally Posted by MassoDio View Post
    I didn't say that he couldn't be discussed. I said that the level of discussion, and the venom spewed (gee look, you are one of them) for people who feel that he is a mediocre player is ridiculous. All those college accolades mean nothing in the NBA. Christian Laetner was one of the best college players every, was selected high in the draft and was a MEDIOCRE player his entire career. I don't care if he won 6th man of the year his rookie year. That means nothing now does it. Did he win it this year, or last year? No. He is a jump shooter that shoots 43%. not average that is. I said he has one good skill. Three point shooting. That is the only statistical area he thrives in. That does not make him a great layer. Look, I do not care if you like him. That is perfectly acceptable. There are tons of posters on here that do that have a realistic view of him as a player. All I am saying is that I don't care what happens to him at the end of this year. I didn't say that I did not want him to succeed while he is on this team. And for your information, I am not a Hinrich lover either, he should be gone as well. I am just done with seeing people get all uptight about a guy who is not now, and will never be a star in this league.
    Here's a thought. Steve Nash first 4 years in the league averaged less than 10 pts. and less than 5 ast. per game and didn't even become a full time starter until his 5th year in the league, surrounded by stars like Dirk & M. Finley... 4 years he went to Phoenix to play in a system built for his game... followed that with back-to-back MVP seasons... and has always been known for horrible D.

    Did you predict that? (Rhetorical) Then how in the world you can say BG7, just finishing his 4th year in the league, will never be a star in this league? I spit that HOT venom...
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