Paxson: ''I have a lot of respect for Ben the player and person. He has a lot of pride. I'm disappointed we didn't come to an agreement. We have to put that behind us. Ben has been professional from the moment we drafted him. I've always respected that about him. Not getting something done long term is just unfortunate.''

So it looks as if BG7 will play out his contract year to evaluate his part on this team and to showcase his skills for the rest of the league.

Mark my words, he will take less to play for a contender if the current roster doesn't change... he's too professional not to notice that playing with the Bulls with a overloaded backcourt and no low post presence is not as appealing as coming off the bench for a contender.

Can you imagine BG7 taking 7-8 mil. a year, coming of the bench for the likes of San Antonio, Houston, Lakers, Detroit, Phoenix, Boston and even Toronto?
They all have stars, post threats & the ability to make room for BG7 next summer.

This guy has been getting ripped all summer about how long his negotiation was taking ( I believe Hinrich's contract was signed during camp 2 season's ago), rumor after rumor, yet NEW news surfaced that the Bulls offer was actually less than reported and most quotes haven't been from HIS own mouth. Deng gave the Bulls an ultimatum, you guys complained get rid of him... then praised the Bulls for signing him to such a large deal. We shall see if he earns that contract, unlike Noce' & Hinrich so far after their signings.

My dream is that they should have a positive season and maybe play like the '99 Blazers squad (minus the knucklehead acts) in which quantity outplayed quality most of the year. Everyone knew their roles.

... and as the broken record goes... unless someone surprises, we are STILL a low post player away from contending.