Philadelphia - You wouldn't know it from the way they played in a 6-3 loss to Philadelphia tonight, but Brewers rightfielder Corey Hart said the team feels looser in Citizens Bank Park than back home in Milwaukee.

Apparently, the Brewers were not pleased with all the booing they heard in Miller Park during their 3-7 home stand. Because they are still leading the wild card race, they thought it was out of line.

"Actually, it felt more like a home game than playing in Miller Park," said Hart, who has no home runs and two RBI this month. "We didn't hear the boos that we sometimes here at home. That's the way it goes. Everybody's expecting (the team) to win. I guess they have a reason to be frustrated because we haven't been winning.

"It's not a lack of hustle or effort. A guy makes an error, a guy strikes out and you hear your home town booing you. It makes you ready to get out of there and go somewhere else for awhile. I think we're all looser here."

I'm guessing those comments won't go over big back home with the Brewers fans, who voted Hart onto the NL all-star team in that "Final Vote" online balloting.

Hart has to be the first player ever to suggest it's a better fan climate in Philly than elsewhere. And, if the Brewers truly are looser on the road, they've got nine more games on this trip to prove it.

With Houston and Philly bearing down on them in the wild-card race, it would be a good time to translate that looseness into some victories.
Hmmm well if you wouldn't go from one of the most dominating teams in the MLB to a joke of a team in the last few weeks that forgot how to hit then it might be different. I know teams go through rough times, but what do you expect from fans who haven't seen their team in the playoffs since 82' (most fans haven't seen them in the playoffs at all) and don't want to see a playoff spot slip away late in the season two years in a row.