I recently found about this dude, and I've fallen in love with him. He's not necessarily an emcee. More like a Kanye or N.E.R.D, except that his subject matter is a lot better and his lyrics have more depth. Sounds different than 99% of the rappers out there, which is good.

2 of my fav. songs from him



Download his mixtape here:


From his myspace

"Im jus Cudi u know?....im wierd...i love cheeseburgers and beer...i only make music about realness....my lifes goal is to live on the moon lol....ima Lover, ima Fighter...im difficult 2 deal wit at times...a lot of people dont "get" me...im workin on who iam thru my music right now which is why ull hear a lot of personal records from me, jus open up 2 me cuz im openin up 2 yall...ummm, im not da most insightful rapper, im not ya Talib Kweli, ya Mos Def, ya Kanye, uhhh ya Common, or anyone like dat...i dont consider myself a genius, but i aint a dummy either...if u like my music its not gonna b bcuz of some witty line i said or me bein political, its gonna b bcuz u connect with me as a person n u relate 2 my story at the same puttin yaself n my SB Dunks u feel me?...dats it....(o and u mite jus love my hooks on Dot Da Genius beats lol) im not the president, so dont expect me to go there musically....im not dat person...but if u wanna hear suttin soooo awesomely dope, different, deep, passionate, fun, and abstract, then look no further fella ya found him lol...ima grinder jus like yall, so walk thru my grind wit me...i jus wanna make good **** at the same time give others hope....its bigger than me at the end of the day"