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    Jean-Sebastian Giguere is ranked as the top goalie in the Western Conference

    In a rating published on, Jean-Sebastian Giguere is ranked as the top goalie in the Western Conference.
    I'm not sure we would rank him ahead of Evgeni Nabokov and Roberto Luongo (who rank second and third respectively), but he is certainly on par with the fourth and fifth-ranked Chris Osgood and Marty Turco. Whatever the order, Giguere will make an excellent second-third round pick in most larger pools.

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    That list is horrendous - Mikka Kiprusoff is easily a top 4 goaltender from the Western Conference and there is no way Chris Osgood should be considered in the top 5 - he didn't even begin last season as the starting goalie for the Wings!

    A more accurate list would be...
    1. Nabakov (San Jose has more success than Vancouver)
    2. Luongo (Despite his tendency to turn organizations into losers he stops pucks)
    3. Kiprusoff (Last year wasn't his best but he will return to form this season)
    4. Giguere (No one can argue with the ring he wears)
    5. Turco (Showed last year he MAY be overcoming his playoff woes)

    Off the list - Osgood (Has NEVER shown he can carry an organization as starting goaltender.)

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