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    Week 2: ACC Game Thread and Predictions

    Game Thread and Predictions

    Saturday, September 6th

    12:00 PM EST - Georgia Tech @ Boston College

    I think this is going to be a great game between 2 very solid football teams. Tech is going to be running the ball a lot so it's a good thing that BC has a very good defense. Boston College wins 20-17

    1:30 PM EST - Furman @ Virginia Tech

    Prediction: This is going to be a great week for Virginia Tech to work out the kinks against a less then stellar opponent Virginia Tech rolls 41-10

    3:30 PM EST - Mississippi @ #20 Wake Forest

    Prediction: Wake Forest better beat this middle of the pack SEC. If they don't its just going to bring more bad publicity for the ACC Wake Forest wins 28-17

    3:30 PM EST - Citadel @ Clemson

    Prediction: Clemson O-Line and Linebackers are going to look great in this game no matter what, so we won't learn anything about them. Clemson wins 52-9

    3:30 PM EST - Richmond @ Virginia

    Prediction:Virginia had a tough week against USC but i think they will rebound nicely and prove that they are a solid team. UVA wins 31-16

    6:00 PM EST - Western Carolina @ Florida State

    Prediction: Florida State has had a terrible offseason and i truly think that will affect them in this game. However, its a good thing that they are playing Western Carolina Florida State wins 38-13

    6:00 PM EST - William & Mary @ North Carolina State

    Prediction - NC State had a tough week against South Carolina but i think they will rebound nicely against William & Mary NC State wins 21-10

    7:00 PM EST - Northwestern @ Duke

    Prediction: Duke suprised me last week when they beat James Madison, but i can't imagine that they will win 2 games in a row. Northwestern wins 21-17

    7:00 PM EST - Maryland @ Middle Tennessee

    Prediction: I'm sorry Maryland fans, but they just arent very good this year. However, Tenn State isn't that great of the team and i think Maryland will squeeze out a win...again Maryland wins 20-10

    8:00 PM EST - Miami @ #5 Florida

    Prediction:I honestly think Miami is a much improved team this year but i'm not sure if they are going to be able to compete with Florida. If they do then its a plus for ACC Football Florida wins 38-20

    Hughest4 season record: 7-4

    We should keep a running tab on who picks the most correct games. At the end of the season we will see which of us knows ACC Football the best.
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