Game Thread and Predictions

Thursday, August 28th

7:30 PM EST - Jacksonville State @ Georgia Tech

Ryan Perriloux is a very talented QB and i think he will pose some very difficult matchups for the GT defense. Also, GT is going to have a tough time running their new offense. Georgia Tech wins 27-20

7:30 PM EST - Charleston Southern @ Miami

Prediction: Miami is missing 7 players from suspension and others due to weight issues but they will win this game easily. Miami wins 41-10

8:00 PM EST - North Carolina State @ South Carolina

Prediction: Tom O'Brien is an excellent coach and i think NC State will continue to improve this season. NC State will shock Steve Spurrier at home and win 20-17

8:30 PM EST - #23 Wake Forest @ Baylor

Wake Forest is one of those teams that is very good and at the same time going to fly under the radar. WF wins 38-10

Saturday, August 30th

12:00 PM EST - #17 Virginia Tech @ East Carolina

Prediction: East Carolina is one of those teams who is scrappy and really cause you problems. I expect that in their matchup against Va Tech and it should be a lot closer then people think. VT wins 31-21

3:30 PM EST - #3 USC @ Virginia

Prediction: Virginia is a solid team and playing at home, but it will no matter because USC is a superior squad and one of the best in the country. USC wins 41-10

3:45 PM EST - Delaware @ Maryland

Prediction: Joe Flacco nearly led Del to a D1-AA championship last year. Even though he is gone they should have a solid team when they visit a Maryland team with a bunch of ?'s. Maryland wins 28-17

6:00 PM EST - McNeese State @ North Carolina

Prediction - Many people feel Butch Davis and the Tarheels have a good shot of having a great year. I don't think they will, but it might appear so when they crush their opponent this weekend. North Carolina wins 45-10

7:00 PM EST - James Madison @ Duke

Prediction: Many people feel that Duke has a chance to win 3 or 4 games this year with their new head coach. I have a feeling that they wont. JMU is a school that pushed an excellent App. State to the brink last year. James Madison wins 24-20

7:30 PM EST - Boston College @ Kent State

Prediction: BC has some serious questions on the offensive side of the ball but i think they will play pretty good this weekend. The defensive front 7 is going to dominate that Kent State offense. Boston College wins 31-10

8:00 PM EST - #24 Alabama @ #9 Clemson

Prediction: I think the Alabama defense is going to stifle the Clemson rushing attack early and often. The revamped O-Line is going to take a while for them to get used to. However, Cullen Harper and Aaron Kelly will have a big day for Clemson. Clemson wins 27-17

We should keep a running tab on who picks the most correct games. At the end of the season we will see which of us knows ACC Football the best.