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    SEC shows strength in its unity

    But Herbstreit said the coolest advantage for the SEC over the Big Ten and one of its best sells nationally, and this is a great point, is the brotherhood between schools.

    Remember when Appalachian State beat Michigan, and Ohio State fans bought entire wardrobes of Mountaineers gear?

    “Instead of being embarrassed this happened to a Big Ten school, they’re cheering,” Herbstreit said.

    That does not happen in the SEC. In the SEC, during nonconference games, everyone is family. I remember going bar-to-bar in Chattanooga during the Florida-Ohio State title game for a column, and every SEC fan was cheering for the Gators.

    “Even the teams that hate each other, if their rival is playing somebody outside of the conference, they’re like an extension of them,” Herbstreit said. “SEC fans wanted Florida to kill Ohio State. And what always happens after wins like that? You hear that S-E-C chant. There’s such a brotherhood among the teams and coaches and fans.

    “As a Big Ten guy, I’m flat-out jealous. It’s the most amazing thing. The SEC fans get it.”

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    Its because SEC fans feel top to bottom that there conference is the best and when you look at their record in bowl games and non-conference games its hard to argue against those numbers.

    Marcus Mariota

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