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Thread: Current ranking

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    romo is so overrsted i think rivers is much better than him

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    Quote Originally Posted by DbOyZ_ILiVe4DIs View Post
    For being so educated why must you resort to such filth? You obviously think that I'm not schooled because I misspelled a few words but you bare to notice your own ignorance. If you want to be technical, Romo lost in the 2nd round last year. I didn't intend to argue with you. In fact it was your own infatuation on the Cowgirls that brought light to the subject. You keep thinking your right so you can sleep at night but just remember that ignorance is only bliss to the IGNORANT. Anybody can make sense of things by throwing a bunch of words at it. You might have a point in your own mind but the only thing you know about the COWGIRLS is what's reported on Sports Center. Educate yourself and come back with some real arguments and maybe we could actually go somewhere with this. The only thing Iíve learned from you is that Romo plays for the Cow Girls and heís not great.

    PS. Having spell check doesn't make you educated
    I don't go type these things in Microsoft Word and then paste them here. I just know how to spell words like RUB, ESTIMATING, AND DEVELOP. I suppose you could say that the Cowgirls were in the second round, but they only played one game, which they lost. Bottom line is they have not won a playoff game with Tony Romo as their quarterback. The only thing you're saying is that I am ignorant and I don't know anything about Tony Romo and the Cowgirls. You have no argument, so please start making one. Here is my argument as to why Tony Romo is not the third best quarterback in the league, and why he is not yet great. My first reason is that he has not won anything meaningful yet; no playoff games, no championships, no MVP's... nothing meaningful. Secondly, he has a stacked team that should be able to win at least one playoff game. There is no reason why he should be crowned great when he can't win a post season game, especially with that team. What did they have, like 13 pro-bowlers? The pro bowl is slightly overrated, but the fact still remains that he has a lot of help. Thirdly, he has only been a starter for one damn season. If you're going to call Romo great, then you'd have to call Derek Anderson great as well. One-year wonders cannot be considered great. All I'm saying is it is too early to say he is the third best or that he is great when there are several quarterbacks that have produced consistently for more than one season. I have constructed a well-formulated argument. Please respond accordinlgy and not waste my time with useless garbage like calling me ignorant, because otherwise I have to assume that you can't. Also, I appreciate you attempting to rectify your previous spelling mishaps, but you still have some improper grammar issues. Pay no mind to them though, because I was able to understand everything you were trying to say, however little that may have been.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekial View Post
    Kill: Graham Harrell- he's the worst thing I've ever seen... God awful. When you're watching a game thinking "why are they letting a high school cancer patient play a preseason game for make a wish foundation, he could get hurt." Then realize he's a professional, he deserves to die.
    Quote Originally Posted by John Walls Era View Post
    Don't talk about proper writing if you're going to use Ellipsis like an *** clown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griff141 View Post
    LOL, Manning has one hell of an oline, reggie wayne, marvin harrison, and dallas clark! Brady was winning championships with the likes of David Givens, Deion Branch, and David Patten! He should be ahead of Manning!

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freel for prez View Post
    I could win at QB in New England. Moss, Welker, Watson, Maroney, Gaffney....just throw the ball in the air or hand it off...not too tough
    You obviously don't watch much football. Who was Brady throwing to from 01-06?

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    Thank you
    Where have all the cowboys gone?


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    right behind you
    oh sorry and manning had the stellar defense brady had his whole career?

    defense wins championships

    offense wins regular season games

    peyton ON HIS OWN NO TEAM INCLUDED is the most talented QB in the league

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