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Thread: Rate My Team

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    Rate My Team

    This is a standard Yahoo League and it is a 6 team live draft. Rate me on how I did.

    QB.-Drew Brees
    RB.-Brian Westbrook
    RB.-Jamal Lewis
    WR.-Reggie Wayne
    WR.-Torry Holt
    WR.-Lee Evans
    TE.-Heath Miller
    K-Robbie Gould
    BN QB-Derek Anderson
    BN RB-Clinton Portis
    BN RB-Rashard Mendenhall
    BN WR-Andre Johnson
    BN WR-Donald Driver
    BN TE-Dallas Clark
    BN DEF-Oakland.
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    Southeast PA
    I'd have to rate your team a 7 because it's pretty stacked but it's only a 6 team league so the rest of the league is probably just as stacked. I'd definitely play Portis over Lewis and Andre Johnson over Lee Evans.....I don't really like Lee Evans because he pretty much gets all his stats in a few huge games and doesn't do much on a consistent basis

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    The thing is Portis is playing the Giants while Lewis is playing the Cowboys.
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    6/10 you could improve on some things such as RB and maybe DEF. and the other teams are probably jsut as stacked seeing as you don't have many big stars, out there , manning,brady,LT,Ad,moss, etc

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