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29. You may not vote on this poll
  • ABC News

    2 6.90%
  • CNN

    11 37.93%
  • Fox News

    11 37.93%
  • Comedy Central

    8 27.59%
  • Newspapers (specify)

    7 24.14%
  • Magazines and other periodicals (specify)

    3 10.34%
  • CBS

    1 3.45%
  • NBC/MSNBC/others associated

    9 31.03%
  • Online (specify)

    15 51.72%
  • Public Programming

    0 0%
  • NPR

    5 17.24%
  • Other radio news sources.

    7 24.14%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by OnWisconsin2007 View Post
    Dude, just watch FOX News. Every time they mention Obama they discuss it with some negative spin on him. Such as, "Is Obama's trip to the Middle East just a publicity stunt?", and then they have some right wing guy come on and spew out some BS facts and agree with whatever conservative host they have. This is the network that parades Ann Coulter around like some kind of prophet and has Bill O'Reilly as their main man. Just watch the channel, every time they discuss Obama there's a negative spin on it.
    i was surprised that one of the hosts almost raped romney during one of the interviews. it was one of the big guys, i forget who though, 6 o'clock maybe.

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    Shakedown Street, Japan
    Quote Originally Posted by arkanian215 View Post
    agreed. imo it's worse on colbert. i guess that's why i dont watch either.
    Actually, as Colbert plays the part of his conservative "character", I've seen him grill more liberal guests with some pretty tough questions. Granted, he tends to be exaggerated and hyperbolic, but he's still throwing "gotchas" their way, and I've seen a few more left-leaning guests get somewhat visibly flustered or caught off balance.

    As for Stewart, I really don't think he pulls any punches with any of his guests, but I do think he sees "keeping the mainstream media honest" (or catching them slacking or lying, more accurately) as part of his job, and I think when he gets, for example, someone in his chair who's a former employee of the Bush administration, he's going to make it a point to ask some tough questions that, say, a Bob Schieffer wouldn't ask. I think he kind of takes it personally:

    "We feel like we've been lied to by the Bush admin. We feel that we've been deceived. Explain to us why we're wrong about that."

    And I think that's entirely fair, given the proven degree of secrecy and deception the current administration has engaged in.

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    the layout of the news shows seems very suspicious. they intertwine op-ed like shows in with the actual news stories. studio b with shepard smith, neil cavuto, america's election hq, brit hume, shepard smith, o'reilly, hannity n colmes, and on the record. not to mention that o'reilly has the 8pm slot and hannity and colmes have the 9pm slot.

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    every major media outlet is biased, but FOX News is easily the worst. They have spewed some of the worst garbage Ive ever seen.

    I've said that now to be completely informed, you have to do your research.

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