1. How long have you been a Rockets fan?
-15 to 20 years

2. Who is your favorite Rocket of all time?
-Hakeem "The Dream"

3. How did you become a Rockets fan?
-watchin hakeem dream shake everybody outta their shoes!!

4. What is your favorite moment in the history of the Rockets?
-Clutch City years!!

5. What drew you to posting on the Rockets Forum on PSD?
-Love of rockets Basketball

6. What do you think we could do to make this Forum more interesting?
-i dunno yet, i'll get back to ya

7. Any message for fellow Rockets fans?
-let the haters hate, we're 1 or 2 SMART moves away from takin over the west and being one of the most feared teams in the NBA. with our heart, speed, team d and determination, we can beat anybody!