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    A European Bounce for Candidate Obama

    From the 200,000 Germans that showed up to see Senator Obama speak in Berlin, to the press conference he had with a gushing French President Nicolas Sarkozy, it is not hard to understand why one European newspaper referred to him as, “Arguably the world’s most popular politician.”

    But during a press conference with Sarkozy, one French journalist asked the politically astute question: “Is it a good thing to be loved by the French in the United States?”
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    It depends on the xenophobia in the country. If McCain feeds off of it in his campaign, he will further damage the credibility of his claim that foreign affairs are his strength.
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    Yeah. Obama is the type of politician that would be very popular in Europe.

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    Yea, it will help establsish the one world government that nobody wants to achknowledge.

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