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    Quote Originally Posted by N.Z's #1 Dodger View Post
    Umm I seen the title "Obama cut and run" and clicked on this for a laugh. Instead of toilet humor I got a laugh at

    Iraq is building hotels? Whip-de-doo, sweet, the war is a total success!!!
    It's Newsmax. They've made their own news before. I wouldn't be surprised if they're making this up as well. I'm sure none of you remember this, but they're the ones that made up the story about Bono fundraising for Rick Santorum and Jesse Helms which might seem a little obscure, but it was actually something that Libby Dole tried to use this week as justification to get the new AIDS bill named after Jesse Helms.
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    If Iraq wants to be a free country, it's time they step up to the plate and take responsibility for themselves. We're(the military) tired of going there, enough is enough.

    When do we realize that this is their country, not ours? We have good lives, we can't we just live it and not worry about other people?

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