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View Poll Results: Is Global Warming Real?

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  • Yes, and we can do something about it

    25 54.35%
  • Yes, but there is nothing we can do about it.

    8 17.39%
  • No, it's not real.

    13 28.26%
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    I would have like a 4th option. Yes, but it is completely blown out of proportion by those with an agenda on the left.

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    ^Not at all true. Here's a link to a conservative newspaper - - that talks about a new study linking climate change with the melting Arctic.
    Johannessen's study, describing the state of Arctic Ocean ice as a "keystone indicator" of global climate change, concludes that "90% of the decreasing sea-ice extent is empirically ‘accounted for' by the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere" and that his tracking of the tight relationship between carbon pollution and the size of the ice cap points to "substantially faster ice decreases up to 2050 than predicted by IPCC models" -- the forecasts produced by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning international scientific panel on climate change.

    "Our projections for sea-ice extent in 2050 are several million square kilometres lower that the IPCC" predictions, the University of Bergen researcher notes in the study, "Decreasing Arctic Sea Ice Mirrors Increasing CO2 on Decadal Time Scale."

    The study also warns that calculations of sea-ice response to CO2 emissions could become meaningless if, as some scientists have conjectured, the planet reaches "a critical ‘tipping point' for sea ice" when increasingly exposed Arctic waters absorb so much heat it triggers a rapid and irreversible depletion of the remaining year-round ice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanian215 View Post
    i remember fox news trying to pass global warming (or at least the version the gore presents to the public) as a statistical anomaly.
    to some extent global warming is very natural. however, i think the climate can be influenced by billions of people. sadly it's only a minority of the population that is influencing it.
    Unless you're saying it's just factory owners, then that's not true. China has the most people in the world and they're the world's biggest polluter. We pollute more per capita, but you cannot argue that it's just a minority that's polluting.
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