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    Interesting Article

    Just read this interesting article by Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek. It gives an opinion on Foreign Policy views between the two candidates. It claims that Obama is, of the two, more like a Conservative than McCain when it comes to foreign policy. I find that particularly interesting, because it is one of the big knocks on Dems, that they are not so strong on foreign policy compared to the Republicans. Either way, if Zakaria is right, I like what he has to say about Obama's views. Please read the article before making a vitriolic response...
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    Honestly, Obama's foreign policy is closer to a true conservative's foreign policy than McCain, but they're both far closer to neoconservative foreign policy than paleoconservative foreign policy.

    With that said, I hate Fareed Zakaria. His tone is always so condescending like he knows so much more than anyone else. I don't bother with his articles any more.
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