There are so many opinions on this topic and it is such a big issue for the election I thought we could put it in a thread to discuss Oil, Gas, Energy and economic effect. Drilll here arguments, nuclear discussions etc.

I got to thinking about this after listening to a Rush rant that was absolutely absurd. Someone asked about the 55 mph speed limit being able to help. He dismissed it since there is no "shortage of oil". He then went on to say how airlines couldn't slow their planes either since it would increase costs of labor for the flight crews, hurt the engineering factors by flying lower and creating more drag, thus actually using more gas. Nice argument rush!

Now being someone with an engineering degree and used to punching numbers and reading about this quite a bit, I couldn't stop laughing at this man's B.S. how does he claim to have any credibility at all. Not only would it benefit the airlines, but several have been doing it for quite some time, without being required to do so, purely to save money:

It saddens me to think that people respect this man's opinion when he blatantly misleads them with lies. He said he spoke with several of his friends in the "aviation industry" that all say slowing down does not help. How's that article from look to ya Rush? I bet these are the same guys hired as scientists to disprove global warming that he talks to. Even when these lies are extensively researched, proven and put into practice. Now I know he is anti-regulation, fine, but these airlines are doing it themselves to save money. Get a clue Rush!

Now both candidates have platforms on this, and both have admitted that there is no short term solution. Feel free to post opinions. I know ari is very passionate on this one from an economic standpoint.