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This is the thing about putting a big guy on a line of Toews/Kane...I don't like it. Some people consider Byfuglien a big guy, and i'd agree that he is big but he can definitely play soft at times and if someone messes with Toews/Kane...he won't exactly drop the gloves because he didn't a lot last year and I wouldn't plan on him doing it more this year. Here is the reason why we should all love Sharp on a line with Toews/Kane. Now no offense to Kane because obviously his job is to be a skilled forward, but he really still has a lot of room to develop on his defensive game. Sometimes he can be lazy back checking and not pick up his defenseman breaking in, and is soft on the boards. Sharp is widely considered one of the best two-way forwards in the league and he back checks hard (along with Toews) and plays a great defensive game as well as an offensive game. Obviously we can forgive Kane for this because he more than makes up for it on offense, but consider having Sharp out there as kind of hedging our bet.
Also, Sharp is a finisher and playing on Kane's line should definitely help because Kane has such great vision of the ice and can make some straight up sick passes. I really think that continuing to play those three together can benefit all three of them and the team.
I like the idea of having SHarp with Toews+Kane, but Byufglien isn't bad either. Having a big guy with them doesn't necessarily mean we need a guy with them that can fight. We need (or could have) a big guys with some skill such as Byufglien. All you need out of him is a big hit to send a message, then let everyone play their game. If we wanted just some big goon with them, Ben Eager would be playing with them, and that would be horrible idea