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Ahh. I see. But it's usually spelled "Bin Laden"

I don't think I've ever seen it spelled "Bin Ladin", I've seen "Usama" and "Osama" though, so you make a good point that I overlooked.

I just didn't like people getting on their high horses, over something so trivial. That kind of annoys me. It's like when I see people on TV making fun of a dumb comment some supermodel or Jessica Simpson made on TV. I want to scream at the TV "But you're dumb too lady from Fox and Friends!!!!"

ETA: Yeah....missed the point of the thread. Gotta get back on topic. Yeah....that sucks. But it may be kind of ironic on both sides if you view it this way. Because, Osama's main gripe, is American troops in Arab lands. Mainly, in Saudi Arabia. Bush's actions may have played into Osama's plan. But Osama's actions, caused there to be even more troops on Arab soil. So they each may have shot themselves in the foot.
And that's the way it goes in the Middle East. It's always been a zero sum game from the ancient days to today. That's why Israel has had such problems making peace with her neighbors.

Sign a peace deal with Egypt and then they keep funneling arms through Gaza. Sign a peace deal with Lebanon and then Hezbullah takes over. Sign a peace accord with the Palestinians and spend the next 15 years wondering when it'll actually get going. It's no wonder that nobody trusts each other over there. Even the Arabs don't trust each other. The Jordanians and the Saudis have a fued that dates back to pre-colonial days. The Syrians are trying to run the daily lives of the Lebanese. etc.