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    Keep Your Laws Off My Body

    Yesterday I saw a bunch of Conservative Christians protesting near an abortion clinic. They went so far as to get in the faces of people entering the clinic with pictures of dead fetus'. If my girlfriend or any other women wants an abortion why cant she get one?

    Thats the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both feel strongly about an issue. But while Democrats accept Conservative Christians being pro life and let them have their values, those same Christians want to overturn Roe v Wade and not let those with a differing viewpoint make the decision they want with regards to their child.

    Basically I think its fine if someone is pro life. But why do you feel the need to control what other people do with their children? Its none of your business. I also find it ironic that Conservatives are supposed to be in favor of Washington not being involved in peoples lives (anti big government). Yet they support the Supreme Court getting involved in whether or not someone is allowed to have a legal abortion. Isn't this the ultimate Washington intrusion?
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