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    Where are the Kings? Timecapsule

    First off Id like to take my hat off to any participants in this forum.
    Im guessing there are like 3 hardcore guys keeping this going.
    I was an avid Kings fan back in the Nichols, Carson, Taylor days, and of course into the Gretzky era. What an amazing time & I had great access to tickets.
    I was still around during our last good lineup (when healthy the best line in the NHL IMO) with Deadmarsh & the gang.
    Have fallen back to Lakerland since then, and like the Kings am waiting for them to become something again.

    Can someone provide a high level view of what the heck is going on with them. I know GM and Coaches have changed. I know we've shedded salary to get picks & prospects. But what the Heck is the plan & vision for this collection of 2nd & 3rd line players?

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    welcome, i just read wut kopitar 81 wrote and i've heard the same thing. Their priority is to sign Kopitar and Johnson to long term deals.Hopefully they can build around them.

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    they traded some of our better players like visnovsky and cammaleri to clear up room for our youngsters like kopitar, brown, o'sullivan, etc... we are full on re-building right now and we're doing it through defense. we have a very solid young d-man in johnson already who was the 3rd pick in the 05 draft. we just drafted two young d-men very early in the 08 draft and we've acquired some good young players. we have a young promising goalie in the minors, and if he can be good then we'll be dangerous in a few years. we're kinda like the penguins before all of their young talent developed. only we didnt get the first pick twice and the second twice...
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