After coming out against the bill day after day, the Webb GI Bill passed with enough support that the President couldn't very well veto it. So instead he went out and took credit for it:

Quote Originally Posted by President Bush
The bill is a result of close collaboration between my administration and members of both parties on Capitol Hill. ... I want to thank members who worked hard for the GI Bill expansion, especially Senators Webb and Warner, Graham, Burr, McCain. This bill shows that even in an election year, Democrats and Republicans can come together to stand behind our troops.

Note that he also acknowledges John McCain on the list of Senators. McCain didn't even vote for the bill! I mean, sure if you vote for it, then twisting it to make it look like you played a role is somewhat ok, but to come out against it and then take credit???

I guess this stuff shouldn't be surprising any more. Oh well it's all McSame in the end as McCain went out today and also talked about the bill. I'll see if I can get a quote of his.