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    Conservatives battle McCain over platform

    For months political pundits and prognosticators assailed us with predictions of a divided Dem convention. Hillary screaming from the floor acting like everybody's first wife forcing votes on issue after issue. WRONG! Dems are coming together and seem to be uniting in common cause.

    That it would be so for the Republicans if not for the simple fact that when political party's smell defeat, they most often form a circle and blame each other. Such it is with these conservative Republicans who are promising to fight McCain from his views on the environment, immigration, stem cell research and campaign finance enshrined in the Republican Party platform.

    "There is just no way that you can avoid anticipating what is going to come. Everyone is aware that McCain is different on these issues," said Jessica Echard, executive director of the conservative Eagle Forum.

    In addition to the aforementioned shannigans Ron Paul will hold up just a few blocks away commiserating with his merry band of strict constitutionalists, conspiracy freaks and everybody else with ax to grind about mind control, threats from inter-galactic aliens and something called the Bilderberg Society.

    If you like visiting the zoo, the Republican Convention is must see tv.

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    YEah! if McCain's not ready to stand up to facts then screw him! We need a guy like DIck Cheney who can just delete CDC testimony on climate change because he doesn't want EPA regulations:

    Seriously, talk about political ambitions running afoul into fact and science. I can't wait until they get all this guy's docs after the term.

    I hope this topic is debated at the conventions so everyone can see the politics behind the conservatives views on the enviroment.

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    The title might as well be "conservatives battle liberals over platform," because at the end of the day that's what it's about. Conservatives opposing a wolf/liberal in sheep/conservative's clothing.

    In addition, why would Ron Paul be there if he already dropped out of the race? For someone who hates Paul the most, you say the weirdest lies about him such as this and the Britney Spears campaign ad
    "Compromise, hell! That's what has happened to us all down the line -- and that's the very cause of our woes. If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?"

    RIP Jesse Helms

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    Paul's holding some bizarre convention of his own nearby...I really hope everyone ignores him.
    Member of the Owlluminati

    Quote Originally Posted by James Madison
    "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."
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    Quote Originally Posted by ari1013 View Post
    Paul's holding some bizarre convention of his own nearby...I really hope everyone ignores him.
    Of course the mainstream media will ignore him. Because they fear Ron Paul. They know Ron Paul would solve all the nation's problems, and that pisses off the elite, who own the media.

    And all the "sheeple" just buy into it. They haven't seen the youtube videos revolutionaries like me have seen. They are just sheep that buy into whatever Fox News tells them. Whereas I am a free thinker, who buys into everything I see on Youtube.

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    I do expect that neither party's convention will go quite so smoothly as they are expecting.

    I'm almost positive the pink-wearing, "we're gonna support Hillary even though she doesn't want us to anymore!" brigade will at least attempt some kind of major disruption. (if Obama & co. are smart they'll have him and his surrogates prepared for moments like that). And I wouldn't be surprised if some element among the Republicans - either a Pat Buchanan-style speaker or an organized group, take McCain to task on immigration somehow.

    And then, of course, when even stupid little trivial stuff happens, the networks will blow it all out of proportion and try to make it into a huge deal, since they're only in it for the drama and the corresponding ratings, anyhow.

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