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    Apr 2008

    Anyone else just want this to be over with?

    Anyone else just want to go to sleep wake up and find out who won?

    A friend of mine heard a great song. It's an adaptation of Green Day's Wake me When September Ends but its "Wake Me When November Ends" and she says the best thing is it just pokes fun at everyone it's not one sided it's just let's get this all over with.

    The stupidity this has reached is usually not reached til October.

    And all these polls. They mean doodly diddly squat right now. We've not had the conventions yet!

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    Feb 2004
    I agree. Over the course of the last several presidential elections Ive come to the conclusion that its not really gonna matter regardless. I dont fit into the demographic that politicians give a **** about anyways so Im gonna find something more resourceful to do with my time.

    Marcus Mariota

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