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    Lombardi moves don't make sense, unless

    Phil Ansutch is the next gabillionaire to go bust. In the past week Lombardi has dealt 10 million in salary (Visnovsky & Cammallerri) reducing the Kings payroll to about $26 million.

    Of that 26 million, 1.7 million is eaten up in buyouts to Alyn McCauley and Dan Cloutier. $1.7 will get you a couple rookies or a decent player. Some guys earning within 100k of $1.7 million include, Matheiu Dandendault, Mike Komisarik, Christopher Higgins and Tomas Plekanic of the Habs, Leafs Alexander Steen, Richard Zednik, Dan Ellis, Francois Beauchemin, Mike Grier, Tyler Arnason, Ryan Kesler.

    At a minimum $1.7 million buys a Top 9 forward or a Top 6 Dman.

    Only two of Lombardi's UFA signings, Handzus & Preising remain with the Kings. Gone via retirement, trade or UFA are Blake, Stuart, Willsie, Nagy, Klemm and Scott Thornton.

    The point is, how many mistakes is team President Luc Robitaille willing to accept before Lombardi is yesterdays news?

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    Sure Lubo was great offensively. But he had the worst +/- on the team a lot of the goals came when he was on the ice. Stoll is a great face-off guy with a great slapshot. Greene is basically like a younger Aaron Miller stay home who doesnt let many goals in during his play, and is a great physical defensman. Plus the minimum salary cap for this season is 40.2 million i think.... that means that we have to spend money.... I think Lombardi is trying to pull something great this season, and if not......**** him

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    i believe trading lubo was a good move. We got younger and if both guys are healthy we get better. Look at Mccabe in T.O. they can't give him away and he makes the same as lubo for the same amount of production.

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    I'm not crazy about +- stats. People forget that there's 4-5 other guys on the ice. Plus Lubo was asked to switch sides a lot by Crawford. Kings will be different because of this trade but I'm not convinced they'll be better because of it.

    Yeah djhotsauce78, yer Kings have a brighter future than the Leafs.

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    Lombardi's clock is ticking.

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