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    If you had a choose to trade any Ducks on the roster who would you trade?

    If you had a choose to trade any Ducks on the roster who would you trade?

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    We're stuck until we know what Scott Neidermayer decides to do. IMHO a couple/few overpaid Ducks include Todd Bertuzzi (4 million) Todd Marchant (2.6 million) Rob Neidermayer (2 million).

    Bertuzzi played hurt last year and didn't get going until he played on the first line with Getzlaf & Perry. He had a hot stretch that lasted about 20 games then cooled off. Concussion maybe? So I'm not sure I would trade Bertuzzi. Healthy and in the zone Big Bert is still among the top power forwards in the game.

    Rob Neidermayer just wasn't first man in on the forecheck and Dallas made him look very out of place on the PK during the playoffs. Coach Carlyle was forced to put Hedgehog Kunitz into Rob's PK spot. That combined with a lack of offensive production for his ice time makes me wonder if it isn't time to part ways. If we do though we can probably forget about Scott coming back.

    Then there's Todd Marchant, a genuine quality guy who can play anywhere and in all situations, still effective defensively and on the PK, still has the legs but 16 pts for 2.6 million is a little tough to take.

    there's been some chatter about maybe moving one or both of Francois Beauchemin and/or Sean O'Donnell. Well Beauch had a bad year but still logged over 22 minutes a game. If used a bit differently, left side only for starters, he should bounce back. O'Donnell is a bruising tough to play against stay@home Dman who seems under noticed and unappreciated except by his teammates. I don't see Burke trading Sean unless it's a steal.

    The other name that pops up in Ducks trade chat is Matheiu Schneider but again, we won't trade Schneider until we know if Scott Neidermayer is playing or retiring. So, in a nutshell, SN's indecision and Burke's catering to it is holding down 3 roster spots and over 13 million in cap space. Kinda hard to deal with a monkey like that on yer back.
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    Now that Bertuzzi and Weight are finally gone, I would probably have to go with Marchant. Although, I would trade a lot of old guys that are on this roster.

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