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    Exclamation Sign Up's for 08' Fantasy Football: Closed

    Welcome to Fantasy Football Sign-ups!

    Hope your ready for a whole new season of who's in/who's outs - who's hot/who's not's - deals/steals/and fantasy zeals!

    We start with the sign-ups. Here are the details.

    Yahoo! Fantasy Sports will be our sponsor this season (as it was last season).

    New this season! We may have to split the leagues depending on the number of sign-ups we get. Why? We want to keep the league to 14 teams, and quite frankly, the returning vets already account for 10 of those seats. With only four remaining to fill, the remainder may have to play in League II.

    In essence, League I will be for the veterans; League II will be for newcommers.

    Back to the rules... the maximum number of teams (ie. managers) will be either 12 (for League II) or 14 (max for either league) and of course all of this is contingent on the number of sign-ups.

    Registration to the league will be by invitation only!

    Sign up's are on a 1st come - 1st serve basis. If you are accepted, we will ask that you send GGGGG-Men a PM using PSD's private messaging system.

    While I will try to be the best commissioner possible - bear in mind I have a career, too. So, GGGGG-Men will be co-commissioning with me.

    The way we're going to do it is simple: Sign-up on this list and if you're accepted, we will ask that you send us a PM with a valid email address. If you don't reply to the PM within 72 hours (3 days) of being accepted, it probably means you don't spend as much time on PSD as you should , and I will recall the request.

    ***NOTE: You must have a Yahoo! email address to play in our league!***

    BUT, if you do not have one yet, you will have the oppportunity to sign up for one during registration. It is quick and free.

    Either way, we will still need a valid email address in order to send you the invite.


    Don't be left out!

    Good luck!

    By the way, and as always ... this is only for the True Big Blue's ...
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    1. musclemenace - "Steel Garden"

    2. .Sean. - "Sean's TruBluBallaz"

    3. bennymac - "The New York Mac's"

    4. TheGEEEEEMen - "Team Sweet Feet"

    5. nybigjg - "nybigjg" (clever )

    6. NYGiants4 - "AB's Cellmate"

    7. NYGTom - "TomsBigBluWrecknCrew"

    8. Kreep - "Clan of the Kreep"

    9. GiantsSBrepeat - "PhillySwallows"

    10. BkGMen4Life - "BKGMEN08"

    11. NYBlueBlood - "ECTO"

    12. gregd1111 - "SackMongers"
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    Thank you.

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