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View Poll Results: Your Son Becomes NCAA Player, You Explained why he was never allowed to play, Mad&Nag

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    Question To Miami Hurricanes Fans- Your Son Becomes NCAA Player, You Explained why he was neve

    If your 21-year Son became a NCAA Player, after you explained to him why he was never allowed to play Little League, High School, would you be mad and try to convince him to quit, all the time?

    Does it matter if he was to play at Univ. of Miami, Fl.??

    Does it matter if you do not have a son, but your daughter Becomes NCAA Player???

    Does it matter if she was to play at Univ. of Miami, Fl.????

    If you have not read my profile:

    I was a HOFer DE & OG in PWFL, not saying much, then I changed from liking the way I existed with never challenging things, my father and family dominate for far too much of me, I was a horrible DE in High School (my dad was my agent saying I was the greatest since sliced bread) and inherited horrible feet and had surgeries, gave me a chance to quit. I have always hated fluff and that roar BLANK, building me and others up to what we never were, to me sports is about competing* fun and staying healthy (I have only one messed up knuckle that will be there forever).

    My dad told me many times in the past (before and after, but not since I was done with playing FootBall), that granddad never allowed him. So, he played un-safer and rougher sandlot games, against adults, until mom was pregnant with me. He also says, since he was always a great student, unpopular and throughout his life reads all the time, he had a chance to play for Univ. of Penn (do not confuse NOT PSU); but turned it down because mom was with me.

    *- You do not do PWFL playing at HOFer level (7-sacks in game, 30-sack in a season & 90-sacks in 3-seasons, & could not run near me) & DL Coach another PWFL Team, then Horrible High School DE & DL Coach the same PWFL Team as the players move onto different weight classes, without it.

    Before, I became who I am now, I was a good PWFL Coach (one-season we lost the game before The PWFL’s National Championship; I a DL Coach and taught techniques like 3-point stances) & a horrible HS Coach, not because I could not do it, but because I mentally was denying that I really no longer wanted to be in HS FootBall (right away, I was put as TE Coach & then OL Coach & back to TE Coach; when all really wanted to be was a DE or even DL Coach). All the places I was at, I mentioned this and they had DL Coaches that were not as good as me (just a fact, not tooting my horn- I had given under coached DEs techniques that helped win games), but they were graduates of the schools & I am rail thin VEGAN & Beings Rights Person, even then.

    But this is not the major reason (nothing to do with me personally being used by father and mistreated by schools’ athletic departments) I would be mad and nag him, if my son became a NCAA Player.

    The one-major reason is the injuries to players’ minds and bodies. Even if a 10+-Year Playing Player suffer NOT A SINGLE INJURY TO THE BODY (yes, I have heard of those WOW AMAZING Players; of course, them telling me so), then there is THE BRAIN INJURIES AND THE GUARANTEED RESULTS DOWN THE LINE.
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