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    Ken Arenson's 10 beliefs about baseball

    It's a really interesting read. I think #7-9 really apply to the Jays. In the game thread some of us have noticed that the Jays get shut down very easily by specific pitchers doing one approach all day, and the Jays not adjusting. The issue may not be that the Jays aren't adjusting, but they're all "similar" types of hitters. Bautista/EE are very patient guys, and they don't swing at "bad pitches". That's a good thing, but certain pitchers don't make many mistakes and sometimes you need "aggressive" hitters who don't necessarily have the best approach to get a rally started. The article mentions Pablo Sandoval, but I'd include guys like Adam Jones here. In essence, the Jays might be getting beat around because their key bats all have the same approach, so the pitcher can use the same style to each hitter and not worry about adjusting.

    Likewise, losing Lind hurts the "diversity" of the lineup, in that they lose a left handed, line drive type of bat. They have a lot of RH power bats, but not nearly as much that are left handed. Lind would require a different approach, and a pitcher's strength might not be throwing a changeup (which they'd throw to a LH, if they had to throw sliders to RH bats). So you lose that advantage as well.

    #9 is a no duh kind of thing, but limiting your replacement level and weak bats, which drops your ability to score runs. Having average guys across the board can be better than a few elite bats and a few replacement or weak guys surrounding them.

    Anyway, I thought it was a cool read, and it's not a saber type thing (he actually points out some flaws there), so while it's wordy, it's definitely an interesting read.

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    Thanks for sharing that. I think his point about having a diversity of hitting styles in the line-up to be spot on, especially with regards to his observations on Pence and Sandoval during the world series and their aggressiveness being valuable against upper-tier pitching because they are so good at hitting with two strikes.

    That's why I think the team will really miss Melky if they don't manage to re-sign him, he strikes me as a similar sort of hitter, who makes really strong contact with pitches even outside of the zone.

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    #10 is hilarious. Great read though thanks for sharing. I also completely agree with your assessment.

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