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    Quote Originally Posted by Rays2010 View Post
    If Pryor doesnt commit the remaining Dual-Threat QB's isnt nothing to be too pleased about

    B.J. Daniels-Not interested in Michigan/Headed to either Illinois/Kentucky/Indiana

    Randall Mackey-Not interested in Michigan/Being recruited as a WR

    Sancho McDonald-USF or Rutgers

    Darius Banks-Possibility for Michigan

    This is comical,I cant wait to see the "We'd rather have Les,than be Rich" signs after Michigan falls to 1-4 after the Illinois game

    I dont see them beating that powerful Utah team at the start of the season or beating Notre Dame in Notre Dame

    That is a ludacris statement. I gaurantee we aren't 1-4. Next year we will have to do a sig bet on it. We will beat Illinois too. Its at the big house.

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    I wish Lee Mondol was on the roster. His film is impressive. He would by far be the fastest quarterback Michigan has ever had. I saw him in the pregames in 2006. He has the size, looks about 6-2, 210 - 220 lbs. and form what I could see is a great passer. He was passing better than anyone on the field.

    He has more stuff on google than you can shake a stick at. Passed for over 5,000 yards and rushed for 1,700 in two years of h.s. and clocked in at 4.5 in the forty in a sparq camp. The thing that stands out in his film is his passing capibility while on the run, and he runs like a fullback.

    What ever happened to him?

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    feagin runs a 4.45 40

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