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Question for you Nat fans. Do you think the Nats would be interested in trading Tyler Moore for Rick Porcello in the off season? Rick is a good groundball pitcher with decent advanced pitching metrics, but poor standard stats. Tigers awful INF defense is a big reason why.

Just wondered what you guys would think. Both are right about the same age, but Rick has 3 more years of arbitration before FA and Tyler has 6 years before FA so Rick would cost more salary wise.
Interesting thought...

The Nationals will look for another pitcher during the offseason but I think they'd prefer to hold onto Moore in case LaRoche leaves. And there is always the possibility of a deal involving Michael Morse during his final year of contract. Tyler would be needed for the club if any of those two things happened.

I believe Rizzo would listen to the offer, but a lot would have to happen for it to go down. Particularly because at worst Moore is a good platoon player off the bench in case of injury in 2013 and they can always spend money on a pitcher without losing a player.