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    Nov 2011
    please sombody give me the coach e-mail address.................want send him this massage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not enough toughness in the team ,if i was the coach will make sure my top player high paid are healthy and playing all year around to make the palyoff and make money to the hope you undestand my massage...somebody show it to the coah please thank you
    location michigan............................

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    Jun 2009
    ****ing Bruges
    1. Location- Calgary

    2. Favorite Current Oiler- Nikolai Khabibuhlin

    3. Favorite Former Oiler- Mark Messier

    4. What other teams in the NHL do you root for? Calgary Flames/ Colorado Avalanche

    5. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for? Dallas Cowboys/ Dallas Mavericks.

    6. Anything else you care to share? Was at Rexall last week for the Flames/Oilers game was super exciting. Best opening to a game I have ever seen and best game I have ever seen live.

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