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Thread: Peter Debour

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    Peter Debour

    So what do you think his fate it, I have been hearing that some people think he will be let go at the end of the season. I personally think that would be a horrible idea. He is great at working with young players, i think he should stay around. Thoughts

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    I think Debour doesnt have the system to win with this team. They give up too many leads and lose too many close games.

    When he gets a lead he tends to play back, but this team is a forechecking team. When they play back they get crushed.

    And Deboer's success with young players comes from coaching elite young players in juniors. So basically he coached young players who played against other young players. We need a guy who can get young players to play a system that benefits their style.

    I;m not totally against de boer. But I think he needs to adjust the system when leading, and system in general. More forechecking based.

    My two cents.

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    stay , leet him progress
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