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    Thursday Notebook

    Assistant Editor

    The meetings have begun and the player evaluations are starting to yield some answers.

    Charlie Weis met with his staff Thursday morning to begin trimming the depth charts and “getting to the guys that you would actually play in a game.”

    The objective sounds simple enough, but getting there is a multi-step process.

    “You have to look at it as if you’re cutting the team down to a more manageable size of players,” Weis said. “(Those that) are going to be going to a game if you’re going to an away game, and then even to a smaller size as to who the 2-deep are that you’re going to play.”

    A little more than two weeks of training camp remain but Weis said he is “pretty close” to knowing what the depth charts are going to look like. Like Weis said last Saturday, “either you’re in the mix, or the ship has sailed.”

    “There’s very little time left for people to play themselves into that two-deep rotation,” Weis added Thursday. “...I’m pretty close. In most cases, I’m pretty close.”

    Weis didn’t offer names or details about any of the competition for starting spots – most notably the quarterback – but he did say that some positions will go deeper than two spots and the objective the rest of this week is to settle on who is ready to play.

    Those final decisions are made as an entire staff with the position coaches and the coordinators offering input. But, of course, Weis carries the power of veto.

    “We’re usually fairly close to being on the same page,” Weis said. “Every once in a while, if it’s too close to call, I’ll let them make the call. Or else, if I really feel strongly about the potential upside of one guy over another, then I’ll say, ‘If that’s how close it is, then let’s play the guy with the upside.’”

    Through the first two weeks of camp, the No. 1 offense has worked against the No. 1 defense. “This allows you to best evaluate where you are on both sides of the ball,” Weis said.

    That will change next week when the second part of practice will feature show teams and the start of Georgia Tech preparations. At that point, Weis said the depth chart needs to be pretty much set.

    “You have to start getting the guys ready to play the game and play it with some kind of continuity so you know what your rotations are going to be like once you start playing,” Weis said.

    More Than Xs and Os

    Weis said when it comes to coaching quarterbacks, there’s more to it than simply teaching plays and schemes, especially when you’re working with three.

    In Sharpley the junior, Jones the sophomore and Clausen the freshman, the three quarterback candidates have a different familiarity level with Weis. All three also have unique personalities.

    Jones is friendly and impossible not to notice, while Sharpley is more outgoing and Clausen more reserved than most perceive them to be.

    “I think that it’s a learning process of their personalities of making sure you know how far you can push them before it becomes detrimental,” Weis said of handling the three. “I’ve dealt with some players in the past where the first time you even looked at them the wrong way, they’d go in the tank. I wouldn’t say any of these guys fit that bill.”

    Time Demands

    Being the head coach at Notre Dame is a job many could only dream about. Money, fame, perks, pressure, who wouldn’t sign up? But for Weis and others who have held the position, the time constraints are tough and saying “no” to endless appearance and interview requests can build some resentment.

    Weis wasn’t complaining, but he said trying to get football, family and charity to peacefully coexist can be challenging enough without additional time demands.

    “You have to say no to an awful lot of things,” Weis said. “People think the reason you are saying no is the wrong reason. In reality, there are only so many windows of opportunity for you to do something. And when you’re trying to spread them in between being the head coach at Notre Dame, your family and own charity, you spread yourself a little thin.”


    “Sometimes I say this too often that I’m never happy but I’m pleased where we are right now. Obviously, we’ll find out Sept. 1, but based off of the evidence of what we’ve had in practice right now, I’m pleased.” -- Charlie Weis on the progress of his defense

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    Friday's 20 Minutes
    Posted: August 17, 2007 10:56 AM

    On a surprisingly warm morning (for those of us who wore jeans and sweatshirts, anyway), Notre Dame, wearing protective shells, took to dewy Cartier Field for what is, by my count, practice No. 15 of 25 in fall camp. Among the guests were the fathers of players Tom Zbikowski, Steve Paskorz, Luke Schmidt and, for the third straight day, Darrin Walls. Also on hand were a scout from the San Francisco 49ers and a pair of scouts from the Houston Texans. There were also several thousands gnats present, which didn't make viewing very enjoyable.

    During the stretching portion of practice, tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee walked down the line quizzing his guys. He'd name a play and then say, "Where are you lined up?"

    Hey, Ian Williams had a stretching partner today! Maybe somebody is reading this blog, because one of the strength coaches was helping him out today. It's about time.

    We also learned that it's offensive graduate assistant Shane Waldron's 28th birthday today.

    After the stretches, the defensive backs did the "Hoosiers" drill I described last Friday, and then went into some agility drills.

    "Don't hop, pick your feet up," DBs coach Bill Lewis said.

    The linebackers and defensive linemen were next to the defensive backs doing footwork drills of their own.

    "Don't stare at your feet," inside linebackers coach Brian Polian said. "They'll be there when you look back down."

    And what do you know — they were.

    Both defensive groups did a drill Lewis called "playing the piano," where they ran laterally and reached down to touch a series of bags. The important thing here is to keep your rear end low to the ground and your eyes ahead.

    "Low man wins!" Polian said.

    Over on offense, the wide receivers did a drill where they sprinted forward, stepped nimbly around a cone, sprinted forward again to another cone, danced around that one and caught a pass. Nice movement by D.J. Hord on this one.

    The running backs were catching balls for the first time, as far as I've seen. This is yet another thing Armando Allen does well. So does Schmidt, the fullback. They also did the "monkey drill" (see Tuesday's 20 minutes for an explanation of this).

    "Ball security is the issue," offensive coordinator Mike Haywood said.

    Quarterbacks worked on drops with Ron Powlus while Charlie Weis watched. I haven't seen Weis anywhere but with the quarterbacks during the media portions of practice.

    I'll be back a little later with some news from the offense, so check back this afternoon.
    Practice Info

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    Saturday's 20 Minutes
    Posted: August 18, 2007 03:34 PM

    Today's practice, which was held in the Loftus Center, was livened up considerably by a competition to see which group — the quarterbacks and wide receivers or the running backs and tight ends — could finish their agility drills the fastest. The QB/WR group, led by receivers coach Rob Ianello, lined up on one side of the field and the RB/TE group, under the direction of offensive coordinator Mike Haywood, on the other. (This competition must have been planned for today, because during stretching, Haywood taunted Jimmy Clausen and Darrin Bragg by saying, "You guys go through the bags like the Bad News Bears.")

    Ianello's group took a lead at the start, prompting coach Charlie Weis to say in the direction of Haywood's group, "Be prepared to run!", but it looked to me like Haywood and Co. came back to win, though both groups were celebrating at the end of the friendly competition.

    While those guys were laughing and trash-talking, the defensive line was doing the hands-and-knees drill, where they reach out to hit a blocking sled in an effort to better their technique.

    "When we step on the field, it's gotta be serious business," D-Line coach Jappy Oliver said.

    Apparently the offense didn't get the memo.

    The rest of the defense practiced a skill I'm sure they want to use often this season — creating turnovers.

    The linebackers worked on dropping into pass coverage and making the interception, while the cornerbacks practiced stripping the ball from the receiver. To do this, one corner wrapped up a ball carrier while another came in a second later, ripped it away and took off on the opposite direction.

    The corners also worked on jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage.

    "You gotta step up, jam him and flatten him out," DBs coach Bill Lewis said, meaning that he wanted the cornerbacks to keep the receiver parallel to the line of scrimmage. "Don't let him turn your shoulders."

    The Irish are off tomorrow, and that means so am I. I'll be back Monday with another 20 Minutes and some comments from Coach Weis.

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    Happy Birthday Yboord028

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bu115fan23 View Post
    Happy Birthday Yboord028

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    Practice Observations, 8/20/07

    With rain drenching South Bend and most of Northern Indiana the past two days, Notre Dame went inside the very muggy Loftus Center for practice.

    * Running back Robert Hughes lagged behind the rest of the offense while doing high-step line calisthenics. He didn't appear hurt, though, as he ran well during the other drills Notre Dame did during the media portion of practice.
    * The team appeared more chipper than the first two weeks of camp. Quarterback Evan Sharpley and punter Geoff Price joked loudly during the stretching -- they stretch next to each other -- and wide receiver Robby Parris was chirping with offensive coordinator Mike Haywood from almost a third of the way across the field. Don't know if it is a comfort level or not -- but they seem looser than before.
    * Haywood spent a few moments clutching two footballs and banging them together during stretching, saying "Let's go. Let's get going."
    * As the team has been doing in recent days, the offensive skill players divided into two teams -- today was quarterbacks/wide receivers and running backs/tight ends -- and race in agility drills in and out of bags on the ground. Tight end Will Yeatman almost fell on his face while leading during one drill, but the players were very competitive about it.
    * Meanwhile, Charlie Weis stood at the start line, a huge smile on his face almost cracking up.
    * The quarterbacks/wide receivers team won the drill and Jimmy Clausen tossed a ball in the air. Other players spiked footballs. Haywood, the running backs coach whose guys lost, lamented "They got us."
    * Wide receiver groupings: First group -- George West, David Grimes, Robby Parris. Second group -- D.J. Hord, Barry Gallup Jr., Richard Jackson. Third group -- Duval Kamara, Golden Tate, Nick Possley.
    * We didn't see Fort Wayne native and walk-on wide receiver Jake Richardville at practice. We know his MCAT test was coming up so today might have been the day.
    * Right tackle Sam Young's size has increased considerable. Purely from a body standpoint, he looks like an NFL player right now.
    * Center John Sullivan is growing out a beard -- something he's done off-and-on over the last three years.
    * Offensive line coach John Latina brought sophomore Dan Wenger over to work on a defensive line/linebacker pickup drill. After one repetition, Latina said Wenger was moving in "slow motion." On the last one, he told him "Good, good," showing improvement.
    * Fifth year senior tight end John Carlson is by far the most aggressive blocker among Notre Dame's tight ends. During a pad drill, he attacked the player holding the pad much more ferociously than either Konrad Reuland or Will Yeatman. Of the four, freshman Mike Ragone might have hit the guy second-hardest.
    * Tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee lectured the tight ends about balance when moving in motion before a play. He particularly noted that Carlson had a "good base."
    * Assistant athletic director Stan Wilcox attended a portion of practice.
    * Finally, a person on a bike. Not a player, though, as director of football operations Chad Klunder was sitting on one as Notre Dame went through individual drills. If Klunder is the only one on the bicycle, that is a good sign for the Irish.
    8/20 practice

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    Tuesday's 20 Minutes
    Posted: August 21, 2007 11:51 AM

    It's another day in the Loftus Center following more rain here yesterday. I can't decide whether the smell of the artificial turf trapped in that enclosed space is intoxicating or nauseating.

    Somebody remind me next year to keep a running count of how many times strength and conditioning coach Ruben Mendoza uses the phrase "On the hop!" to keep the tempo high during the stretching portion of practice. If I had done this beginning at the start of camp, it's safe to say the count would be in the triple digits by now.

    Today we got to see some of that energy defensive coordinator Corwin Brown has become known for in his relatively short tenure at Notre Dame. He put the defensive players through a quickly paced bag drill with a pretty high degree of difficulty. The players ran laterally, stepping over a series of bags while keeping their heads up to watch Brown and defensive graduate assistant coach Patrick Graham. Brown and Graham were giving the players hand signals to tell them how many feet to put down between each bag. Needless to say, your typical uncoordinated person would trip on the bags and land flat on his face before getting halfway through that drill, but the Notre Dame players made it through very well. I especially liked the quickness of cornerback Terrail Lambert here.

    After the defense broke up into its position groups, the secondary worked on backpedaling, taking their cues on which way to swivel from DBs coach Bill Lewis. Cornerback Munir Prince slipped during his turn — you can tell he's still trying to perfect his technique, though he seems to be improving every day I watch him — but recovered to make a catch on a ball thrown in his direction by Lewis.

    Junior strong safety Ray Herring was back and working with the second team. Alongside him were cornerbacks Darrin Walls and Raeshon McNeil and free safety Kyle McCarthy. The third group was corners Leo Ferrine and Prince and safeties Jashaad Gaines and Sergio Brown.

    The linebackers did a drill where they lunged forward while kneeling to punch a bag that was being held by a teammate before heading over to a long, balance beam-like pad to do almost the same thing while standing. More good energy here from everybody.

    Head coach Charlie Weis spent the first few minutes watching the defense before taking his customary spot next to the quarterbacks. (I noticed there was an office chair stationed just in front of where the quarterbacks warm up, but I don't think it was for him.) Weis generally allows Ron Powlus to do the coaching and just stands there and stares intently. Here's the could-mean-something, probably-doesn't-mean-anything note of the day: Demetrius Jones was in the center during the drop-back drill today, with Jimmy Clausen on his left and Evan Sharpley on his right.

    As I was on my way out today, the receivers were starting a blocking drill, which they haven't done much during the media portions of practice. Receivers coach Rob Ianello shouted "Punch it up! Punch it up!" shouted to his guys as they hit bags being held by teammates.

    I'll be back this afternoon with some comments from today's media session, which features coaches and players from the offense.

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    Pratice Reports From Cartier Field

    These are NDNation poster accounts of last night's student practice:

    Those punts weren't as long as you mentioned. The ball was being snapped from the 30 and getting to about the 25 or 30, which is about 40-45 yard punt. Punting distance is measured from the LOS and not where the punter kicks from, so that's just a clarification. With that being said, Price looked good.

    I was encouraged by Brandon Walker. He seemed to have a consistent and solid pop to his kicks. I suspect that he will be kicking our FGs this season and Whitaker will handle KO's. Regardless, Walker will be a good kicker for us for the next 4 years. Burkhardt was nowhere to be seen except running sprints at the end.

    I thought Clausen's arm looked alright. Maybe he's not ready to really let it go yet, but his motion looked fine and he didn't seem to be favoring anything. Sharply didn't look as solid as he has in the past. This could be attributed to the fact that he was running the 2-minute drill, which is a little more hectic. He threw an easy ball well behind Carlson on a crossing route. DJ's pick was poor decision, but an ever poorer decision was during his pursuit of the run back. He pulled back his throwing arm and tried to punch the ball loose, and in doing so seemed to make perfect contact with the defender's helmet. I was surprised by that a little. My one deduction from tonight's practice with regards to the QB situation was that Jimmy won't be starting anytime soon. He was doing most of the running plays, whereas DJ and Sharply were throwing the ball and running a 2-minute offense. I could be wrong, but that's my guess.

    Robert Hughes doesn't look like a freshman at all. He is LARGE and runs well. David Bruton was killing on special teams punt coverage. He beat his man on about every play, and should be a valuable gunner for us this year. West, Gallup and Zibby were fielding punts. Walls was back for a few Kickoff returns. Joe Brockington looks to have put on a lot of weight since last year, which is good because he'll be taking on a lot of OG's this season. Crum looked considerably bigger too. Just a few random observations.


    No surprise, Price was great at punts.

    Whitaker definitely looked to be the best FG kicker tonight. As jesuitirish said below, he was 5/6 in one stretch where he missed 1-40 yarder, made the same 40 yarder the next try, then hit a 50 yarder. On the 40 yarder miss, it looked like the holder bobbled the snap to him a bit and that is what distracted Whitaker (something he needs to work on not being distracted by, just kick it like it's held perfectly and if the holder doesn't get it there, then it's on him, at least that's what I think a kicker should train to do).

    It seemed to me that Clausen was in on about half the snaps that were taken between him, Sharpley, and Jones. I'd make something of that but all of Clausen's snaps were under center with 85% or so being runs while Sharpley and Jones both ran hurry-up offenses where 80% or so were passes. If all three were running similar plays, it would have been easier to infer something about it and is probably why Weis ran the practice like he did.

    One thing that I noticed was that the 2-3 deep o-line seemed to get a good push and get the D-line back 2-3 yards before the RB got to the line. I don't know the reason for this (could have the d-line been told to play soft?). If both sides were playing to ability, hopefully that means the o-line is very good this year and not that the d-line is not so good (or that the 3-4 defense that is being practiced is weak against the run).

    Good thing there is only about 5.5 days left to the first game. I'm anxious to get the seasons started.


    There were about 1000-2000 students in attendence. Many freshmen in their new dorm t-shirts.

    I will try to refrain from drawing any conclusions or making any commentary and just try to share some of what I saw.

    After stretching, it was punting. Price and number 43 alternated two kicks a piece. Price was averaging about 55 yards, 43's average was about 50. Receiving the punts were West, Grimes, Gallup, and finally Zibby. West put one on the turf. Zibby was the only returner to appear to break free. Much has been made of his weight, but he doesn't appear any thinner. He does appear to be fast as ****.

    Price's longest was 60 yards.

    Field Goals were next. Walker made a 20 yard kick, a 32, a 35, a 40 from the left hash, but missed twice on a 40 yard kick on the right hash. My program says Burkhart wears 39 and Whitaker 33, but I seem to remember the other kicker wearing #35. I could be mistaken. He scored on a 20, a 32, a 35, missed a 40 yarder on the left hash, and then made the same kick. He then made a 50 yard kick down the center.

    Kick-offs followed, with #35 and and Walker alternating. Most kicks came down on the 5 yard line. The shortest fell at the 20 yard line (kicker #35) and the longest fell on the goal line (Walker). The return tandems were Allen and Tate, Walls and West, and McNeil and Gallup. Gallup dropped one ball.

    11 on 11 scrimmage.

    Jimmy Clausen came out with the first team. (All commentary violently suppressed at this point). With him were Thomas, Schwapp, Hord, the expected starting OL (Duncan, Turkovich, Sullivan, Wenger, Young), and two TEs (Carlson, Yeatman).

    JC ran about 30 plays. Almost all were running plays. (Cough, cough). The first personnel change was to bring in Aldridge and Schmidt. JC then threw a ten yard dart to Carlson. Nothing seemed wrong with his motion. Then Kamara, Reuland and Ragone were brought in. Schmidt saw a few carries and caught a nice 10 yard pass.

    More running plays and more running plays. A pass complete in the flats to Hughes. And a 25 yard INT, picked off by #24 (fourth string safety?). On the INT I was disappointed with Kamara's lack of fighting for the ball. On the very next play, Kamara lined up on the wrong side. JC yelled at him and as he was correcting himself, Weis whistled everything dead and had some strong words for the freshman. Hord quickly replaced him.

    2 more pass plays where Clausen found no one and tucked the ball to run, both times to his right.

    In comes Sharpley. Same OL and Carlson. Now with Parris, Grimes, West in a three receiver set (as opposed to the two TE's JC had) and Jabbe at HB. Clausen had been operating out of a huddle, but Sharply ran a two-minute no-huddle drill. Almost every play was a pass. He wasn't connecting perfectly. He looked mostly to Carlson. A few passes behind the big TE, a drop or two from Carlson. Sharply did move the team, though, bringing them from their own 40 or so down to the red-zone, mostly with short passes to Jabbe and draw plays to Jabbe. He was hurrying up the offense, getting the snap off as quickly as he could. In the end-zone he air-mailed some balls and Weis blew the whistle.

    Jones's team came out, with Thomas, Hord, Kamara, Yeatman and Carlson. He also ran something of a no-huddle, but not as up-tempo as Sharply. About 80% of the plays were passes. He connected with Thomas in the flats. He missed Yeatman. He threw a very poor INT to Walls that could have gone for 6 points the wrong way. He tripped (on the center's feet? on his own feet?) and fell down. At one point he sent two TE's wide, spreading 4 receivers and hitting Hord on a fifteen yard pass. The next two plays he hesitated, found nothing, tucked and ran.

    Weis blew this whistle and brought in Bragg.

    I will allow myself one comment: Asaph Schwapp is an enormous and angry man.
    ND Nation

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    Doesn't sound like Clusen will be starting. My money is on Jones getting the nod against GT.

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    yea he had shoulder surgery like in december so i wouldn't mind him not starting

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    Jackets prepare for 3 possible QBs
    Notre Dame coach won't reveal starter

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 08/27/07

    Kyle Manley hasn't been himself lately.

    Sometimes, he's a pro-style quarterback so highly hyped he held a news conference at the College Football Hall of Fame last year to announce his commitment to Notre Dame.
    Your Turn

    Sometimes, he's a junior who threw only two passes in eight games as Brady Quinn's backup.

    Sometimes, he's a sophomore who has yet to play a down for the Fighting Irish but is so athletic he has been compared with Vince Young.

    Manley plays all those roles on the scout team for Georgia Tech, which doesn't know which of the three quarterbacks it will face in Saturday's season opener against Notre Dame. On the subject of quarterbacks, Irish coach Charlie Weis has declared only that he won't declare. Even candidates Jimmy Clausen, the hotshot freshman, Evan Sharpley, Quinn's former backup, and Demetrius Jones, the athletic sophomore, don't know who won the job, Weis told reporters last week.

    That leaves Tech guessing. Or, more accurately, not guessing and covering all three bases.

    "We've got to be prepared for anything," linebacker Shane Bowen said. "There's not much we can say or do about it. They're going to come out that day with a quarterback, one of the three of them, so we've just got to be prepared for anything."

    "It's not as easy as if you knew who the quarterback was," Tech coach Chan Gailey said. "It would be a lot easier if you knew."

    The secrecy goes beyond the starter's identity. Unlike Tech, which kept practices open until classes began Aug. 20, Notre Dame held a single open practice, at which Clausen, the hotshot freshman coming off arthroscopic elbow surgery, never threw the ball downfield. Did that mean anything? Was it a ruse to throw off onlookers, and by extension the Yellow Jackets? Who knows?

    Gamesmanship can extend beyond what coaches do when practices are open to what coaches and players say when talking to reporters.

    Are people at Notre Dame really reading newspaper coverage to mine for insight into Tech?

    "Every day," Gailey said.

    And does Tech read newspaper coverage of its opponents?

    "Every day," he said.

    Does it ever yield anything useful?

    "A little. Not a lot," Gailey said. "Not that's going to make a vast difference, but injuries always help. Little things here and there we learned."

    In the end, though, the big things aren't really secret. Weis has a long, very public history of designing offenses and calling plays. Whoever he puts at quarterback will still be running a Charlie Weis offense, which is likely to be similar in most key respects to what the Irish ran against the Yellow Jackets last season.

    "There will be a wrinkle here and there for us, but it's Notre Dame. You've got to prepare for Notre Dame," Tech defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta said. "We have film on all their games. You prepare for Notre Dame. I know probably more than they want me to know."

    The secrets will be revealed Saturday.

    Meanwhile, Manley plays three roles.

    Imitating Clausen and Sharpley isn't much different; they're both expected to pass first and run only if necessary. But when Manley imitates Jones, he has to try to use his legs to get past Tech's defense. Manley's legs weren't really designed for that.

    "We say move around the best you can," scout team coach Nathan Burton said, "and watch out for [linebacker] Philip Wheeler."

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    ND Depth Chart

    The official ND depth chart is out and of note Sharpley is listed ahead of Jones and Clausen but there is that conjuction 'or' in there which means it's wide open. It's Travis Thomas then anybody else at tailback. It's Justin Brown or Dwight Stephenson at DE and Joe Brockington or Toryan Smith at MLB. Probably the biggest surprise is Walls over Wooden at cornerback, as some have speculated, a sign of great competition at that position. And it looks like we're going to have some speed on kick returns with Armando Allen and Golden Tate listed as 1-2 (they just sound fast.)

    Notre Dame Offense

    X 19 George West 5-10 197 So.
    1 D.J. Hord 6-1 196 Jr.
    18 Duval Kamara 6-5 222 Fr.

    LT 72 Paul Duncan 6-7 308 Jr.
    70 Matt Romine 6-5 279 Fr.

    LG 77 Mike Turkovich 6-6 301 Jr.
    55 Eric Olsen 6-5 303 So.

    C 78 JOHN SULLIVAN 6-4 303 Sr.
    67 Thomas Bemenderfer 6-5 285 Jr.

    RG 51 Dan Wenger 6-4 287 So.
    73 Matt Carufel 6-5 295 So.

    RT 74 SAM YOUNG 6-8 310 So.
    75 Taylor Dever 6-5 289 Fr.

    TE 89 JOHN CARLSON 6-6 255 Sr.
    84 Will Yeatman 6-6 264 So.
    88 Konrad Reuland 6-6 255 So.
    83 Mike Ragone 6-5 230 Fr.

    Z 11 DAVID GRIMES 5-10 177 Jr.
    82 Robby Parris 6-4 209 So.
    21 Barry Gallup Jr. 5-11 185 So.
    23 Golden Tate 5-11 188 Fr.

    QB 13 Evan Sharpley 6-2 216 Jr.
    or 3 Demetrius Jones 6-4 213 So.
    or 7 Jimmy Clausen 6-3 207 Fr.

    FB 44 Asaph Schwapp 6-0 261 Jr.
    32 Luke Schmidt 6-3 248 So.

    HB 26 Travis Thomas 6-0 216 Sr.
    34 James Aldridge 6-0 222 So.
    or 5 Armando Allen 5-10 190 Fr.
    or 37 Junior Jabbie 5-11 205 Sr.
    33 Robert Hughes 5-11 238 Fr.

    Notre Dame Defense

    LDE 98 TREVOR LAWS 6-1 296 Sr.
    93 Paddy Mullen 6-3 290 So.

    NT 96 Pat Kuntz 6-3 285 Jr.
    95 Ian Williams 6-2 300 Fr.

    RDE 94 Justin Brown 6-3 261 Sr.
    or 57 Dwight Stephenson Jr. 6-2 272 Sr.
    97 Kallen Wade 6-5 257 So.

    OLB 90 John Ryan 6-5 253 So.
    53 Morrice Richardson 6-2 244 So.

    ILB 40 MAURICE CRUM JR. 6-0 230 Sr.
    41 Scott Smith 6-4 235 Jr.

    ILB 52 JOE BROCKINGTON 6-2 240 Sr.
    or 49 Toryan Smith 6-1 245 So.

    OLB 54 Anthony Vernaglia 6-3 234 Sr.
    56 Kerry Neal 6-2 245 Fr.
    or 58 Brian Smith 6-3 233 Fr.

    LCB 2 Darrin Walls 6-0 180 So.
    22 **Ambrose Wooden 5-11 196 Sr.
    15 Leo Ferrine 6-0 189 Sr.

    FS 27 David Bruton 6-2 207 Jr.
    28 Kyle McCarthy 6-1 207 Jr.
    29 Jashaad Gaines 6-0 203 So.
    30 Harrison Smith 6-2 205 Fr.

    SS 9 TOM ZBIKOWSKI 6-0 207 Sr.
    6 Ray Herring 5-10 197 Jr.
    31 Sergio Brown 6-1 196 So.
    24 Leonard Gordon 5-11 194 So.

    RCB 20 TERRAIL LAMBERT 5-11 191 Sr.
    8 Raeshon McNeil 6-0 187 So.
    25 Munir Prince 5-10 184 So.

    Notre Dame Special Teams

    PK 35 Nate Whitaker 5-9 170 So.
    or 14 Brandon Walker 6-3 197 Fr.

    P 17 GEOFF PRICE 6-3 208 Sr.
    43 Eric Maust 6-2 177 So.

    KO 35 Nate Whitaker 5-9 170 So.
    or 14 Brandon Walker 6-3 197 Fr.

    HLD 13 Evan Sharpley 6-2 216 Jr.
    or 17 Geoff Price 6-3 208 Sr.

    Notre Dame Special Teams

    SNP 61 J.J. JANSEN 6-3 242 Sr.
    39 Kevin Brooks 6-2 241 Jr.

    PR 9 TOM ZBIKOWSKI 6-0 207 Sr.
    11 David Grimes 5-10 177 Jr.
    19 George West 5-10 197 So.
    5 Armando Allen 5-10 190 Fr.

    KR 5 Armando Allen 5-10 190 Fr.
    23 Golden Tate 5-11 188 Fr.
    2 Darrin Walls 6-0 174 So.
    19 George West 5-10 197 So.
    Depth Chart is out suprising Clausen 3rd on the DC

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    Notre Dame defensive lineman Derrell Hand, arrested last month on a misdemeanor charge of propositioning a prostitute, will be allowed to play for the Fighting Irish after serving a three-game suspension imposed by coach Charlie Weis.

    Hand appeared before the school's disciplinary committee on Monday, was reinstated to the team and began practicing that day, Weis said Tuesday.

    Hand entered into a pretrial diversion program on Aug. 16 that would allow him to have the charge against him dismissed in a year if he meets certain requirements, like staying out of trouble, undergoing testing for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and paying $316 in court costs.

    Hand had not played for the Irish in his first two seasons but was expected to contribute this year. He was arrested during a prostitution sting by South Bend police on Aug. 2, four days before the start of practice. He was suspended from the team indefinitely the next day.
    Source: CBS Sports

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    eek lol

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