Hello guys,
I just started a new Spurs discussion page on Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/spursbasketball) Hopefully this can be another medium for all of us to exchange and chime in on different spurs related topic!! Please Like the page for me, will really appreciate it!

Discussion topics range from:
1. How long can Tim Duncan carry us?
2. Who is your favorite Spurs player?
3. Who will be the back up point come playoffs next year? Patty? Cory? or Nando?
4. Who is the better player? Gary Neal or Marco Belenelli?
5. Is Tiago Splitter overpaid or underpaid?
6. Who will be our toughest opponent next year?

Please check it out and support!! Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Go SPURS GO!!!!!!!