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    Aldrige, Gasol??

    looks no one's been here for months

    So if you've heard the rumors, Spurs may be pursuing one of these two this year, but letting go of some of the players would be inevitable.

    Do you welcome the idea? If yes who would you like to join the Spurs and why, and who do you think should leave?

    I personally want Aldrige here, and I'm willing to let go of Belli and Tiago to see it happen.

    Our defense is gonna take a hit with Splitter gone, but Aldrige playing in Spurs could motivate him to do more in that end. And we desperately need a big who can stretch the floor, LMA is exactly that. Timmy can enjoy being a Center full time with him.

    The problem would be keeping Danny Green since I have a hunch some idiot GM will offer him near max, and of course in case of LMA replacing Tiago we will be needing stellar defense form Baynes or we need to find a cheap big who can protect the rim.

    Gasol wouldn't add a lot offensively, he is a great passer but we already have enough of that, but he would be welcome on defense. If we have a healthy Tiago, I rather keep the guys and hopefully add a creative force to the team than spend money to bring the elite version of Tiago.

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    Aldridge for me.

    Of course, Marc Gasol wearing the silver and black has crossed my mind as well. I just don't see it happening though. Looks like we have a better shot at landing LMA.

    Its really hard to tell whats going to happen this week. I've been watching this game since I could remember and paying to much attention to the rumors can really be a waste of time. I believe LMA knows where he wants to play by now..its just a waiting game at this point. I'm not sure who will be moved or who's coming in. Green, Mills, Tiago, Diaw...we'll just have to wait and see.

    I am excited though on the possibility of LMA joinging our team! fingers crossed.
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    LMA is the only option I think, Gasol isn't leaving Memphis.
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