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Thread: Team Needs

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    Jan 2008
    HEAT- Greg Oden (Lack of Good center)
    Thunder- Tracy McGrady (PJ3 can play PF and Thunder needs a PG&SF,Tmac can play either of those pos)
    Lakers- Mickael Pietrus (need a backup SF)
    Celtics- Matt Barnes (need a backup SF, i only swap Pietrus and Barnes)
    Spurs- Jordan Farmar (I could put Fisher here, but Farmar is younger and had also a Finals' experience)
    Bulls- Josh Howard (need a backup SF and a scorer)
    Nets- Andray Blatche (need another PF who can score)
    Clippers- Terrence Williams (young with lot of potential replacement for N.Young)
    Knicks- Kenyon Martin (I think Kidd can resurrect KMart's offensive skill and versatility)
    Nuggets- Leandro Barbosa (could play 3rd string PG, can shoot 3's and Denver needs another guard to backup Iggy)
    Mavericks- Chris Andersen (need a backup center who can block shots)
    Pacers- Alonzo Gee (really need a backup wing man)
    Grizzlies- Michael Redd (a team that needs good shooter and would only spend min salary)
    Sixers- Jonny Flynn (a top 5 pick, who could get a playing time in Philly)
    Wolves- Mehmet Okur (a veteran player and a friend of AK47)
    Hawks- Anthony Tolliver (a replacement for Marvin Williams)

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    Chicago, IL
    Bulls Need:

    A guard that can score/create for himself and an All-Around back-up Center

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