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Thread: Phoenix ideas

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    Jan 2013

    Phoenix ideas

    They're tanking, I'm bored so decided to help them.

    Idea 1;

    OKC Send; Perkins, Lamb, Perry Jones, a first round pick.
    OKC Receive; Marcin Gortat, P.J Tucker.

    Phoenix Send; Marcin Gortat, P.J Tucker.
    Phoenix Receive; Perkins, Lamb, Perry Jones, first round pick.

    OKC get a proper big man, finally! Helping with their playoff run. They ditch Perkins and his awful contract. Phoenix are tanking anyway, they get a couple of good young talents and a first round pick to help with the rebuilding.

    Idea 2;

    Gortat for Asik and a first round pick.

    Why for Houston? I have no idea. Maybe the rumours of Asik wanting to start is true, maybe Gortat will be more open minded to playing off the bench behind Dwight?

    Phoenix get a great center who is still young and a first round pick to help with their tanking efforts.

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    Jun 2007
    The Bay
    First deal I could see but asik and a first would land them a much better fit than gortat.

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    Sep 2006
    Yeah, idea 1 might work though OKC FO seem to love Perkins beyond basketball reasons, idea 2 isn't happening, if they really want to trade Asik they'd look for more reasonable fits than Gortat. who just brings back the same problem while being generally less of a player than Asik anyway.

    For Asik, the 3 trade I think could work and probably either Millsap / Thad Young / Jason Thompson , though the timing is probably not now anyway, they really should see if this group work, if it does it's probably their best theoretical ceiling group. and there are at least some reason to think it can work. (including the part that most teams that win it all managed to make some weird fits work.)

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