Gotta weigh in again. The reason I look at a merge seriously is because I see the Bills experiment in T.O. as a slippery slope and don't like what could come of it if narrow minded people blindly support the process it's starting.

If the NFL relocated/expanded into Toronto I think it sounds the death knell for the Argonauts. Unless it's in a Leaf's jersey or waves the stars and stripes, Torontonians won't support it. The exception has always been the Argos, but I don't think there are enough football fans there to support two teams in two leagues. Period.

Kill the Argos and you either kill or maim the CFL and I don't like either scenario. If the NFL comes to Canada it needs to work with the CFL to keep good quality pro football in the whole of the country or stay the hell out altogether. Despite what a bunch of pigheaded arrogant blowhards seem to think, the talent level is actually pretty good, albeit different.

If I had my way, the CFL would expand into the maritimes, Quebec City and Kitchener/Waterloo and re-establish a franchise in Ottawa. Get some more revenue from the new cities and see if corporate Canada can't start waving the flag.

Me and my buddies figured the NFL is probably inevitable so we looked at a way to merge the two in a way that would actually improve both versions by eliminating the garbage rules. Yeah, it would take years to work out the bugs, and yes it would hit the pocketbooks of a bunch of overpaid players and team owners, but you gotta know the NFLPA would drool at the prospect of adding 400 new players to its membership. I`m betting they`d be onside if nothing else.

Packers 27, Roughriders 18
Patriots 84, Tigercats 3
Stampeders 21, Eagles 21 (had to throw that one in)