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    ever met fan wants an allstar for these weak trade proposals.familia,mejia,and flores would never get it done.maybe something like ruben tejada,noah synder guaard,brandon nimmo,and either wilmer...
  2. if toronto wins a world series its a wash even if...

    if toronto wins a world series its a wash even if what the mets got back turns into anything.Im I met fan and I feel this was a good trade but I do realize so many of these guys that are prospects...
  3. the mets should flip that pitching prospect they...

    the mets should flip that pitching prospect they got from toronto syndergaard for bubba starling on kc or jackie bradley on boston.they need young outfielders.
  4. syndergaard

    the mets should flip syndergaard for jackie bradley(redsox) or him plus another prospect to bring in an outfield prospect from somebody else lets say bubba starling from kc?
  5. Poll: oh my god!!!

    I cant believe you mets fans dont get it ,the mets are done shopping.Stop waisting your time asking who the mets should get there not getting anyone!!!!murphy is your left fielder accept it and move...
  6. mets are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There not getting hudson, there not getting beimel who i feel is the best fit out of the relievers,and please everyone shut the bleep up about manny alredy it aint gonna happen get over it there done...
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