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    LOL no Rays fans again....what a...

    LOL no Rays fans again....what a us in the playoffs hahaahah
  2. LOL no Rays Fans......just do away with this...

    LOL no Rays Fans......just do away with this mistake of an organization!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big series against should draw 8000 a game
  3. Get it done!!!!!!

    Give Hughes, Joba, montero now and get this done!!!!!!!!!:clap::clap::clap:
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    this is must win!!!!!!

    This next game will tell our season I'm telling you! we need this game.The week after we are in Pitt, and if you've been following the Jet's like me you realize we HAVE NEVER WON IN THE STATE OF...
  5. Poll: Just joking, I knew you Pat's fan'swere waiting...

    Just joking, I knew you Pat's fan'swere waiting for excuses,How could any of us Jet fans not be humbled? wE GOT DECIMATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. God NO!!!

    I'm just afraid of that happening, this next game is so huge we will find out about are heart and our season guys
  7. What do you think?

    I've been a jet fan 30 yrs,im 37 and this was as a crushing loss as I can remember. Do you guys think we will recover?:confused:
  8. The Official Potential Collapse/Suicide thread

    :facepalm::facepalm:I am so afraid this is gonna turn out like when we were 8-3 with Favre. Guys we were totally exposed last night. We never have played a good 4 qtr game this year outside of...

    :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:LOLtHAT WAS A JOKE GUYS! We were exposed. Simply put Belechick is the best coach I have ever seen in NFL and i've been a fan for 30 yrs! I talked **** and I now ate my...
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    Poll: Well said

    Nice to see someone with class:clap::clap:
    Go Jets
  11. I know the feeling!!

    As a Lifelong Jet Fan I know how losing these type of games feel, we were dead and had no business winning this game! You guys are a damn good football team that will learn how to win these types of...
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    Good luck finding ray's fans here

    Don't bother posting here....there are no ray's fans!!! lol see my Yank's win it all ....too bad Joe[Mr Mcgoo} madden ...hhahahahahahhaahahha bozo!!!:silly::silly::silly:
  13. Here is an unbiased opinion!

    Asan outsider looking in who's seen every cowboy game this year....simply put Head coach! There is no denying your talent. I think DL is overated other than Ratliff and Ware is simply a beast. Your...
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    Are you kidding me???????????????????

    clueless Joe does it again! What an ignorant, pompous, little twerp. Aj burnett???? Austin[better off golfing} kearns?? And what is it with his love affair with goddamn Mitre? I swear he must have...
  15. This moron is a complete waste!

    How many times does this idiot have to strike out before [clueless Joe] realizes he is a scrub? Kearns and Chad Gaudin are two yanks I never wanna see in uniform again! Bye Javier[weak minded]...
  16. Get joe the hell out of town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For god's sake this idiot is killing us. He has been managing the last 10 games like we are already in playoffs? We are on the verge of a another 2004 collapse if we don't get our heads out of...
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    Joe must go!!!!!!!!1

    Anyone with baseball knowledge will see that this *** clown did not bring his supposed NL style managing with him to Bronx, he plays station to station baseball. He never hit and runs and...
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    Go crazy folks go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELL YHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    we have no choice

    You cannot let one player even though he is your best one hold your team hostage! We have other free agents as well so we have to set a precedence. I don't understand , Revis was the one who signed...
  20. You know u are a diehard Jet Fan, when till this...

    You know u are a diehard Jet Fan, when till this day you want to choke gastineau for hitting kosar LATE!!!!!!! gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  21. what?????????????

    why? you can't give someone a huge contract for past success and public sentiment. He was paid handsomely for all the great years and team leadership during that time. You can't give a shorstop who...
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    waste of a thread:facepalm:

    waste of a thread:facepalm:
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    Ry,If I got 5 million a yr like Cash trust me...

    Ry,If I got 5 million a yr like Cash trust me i'll give you some names because I would search every roster, what angers me is That I definitly would not sign Park. Someones career speaks volumes you...
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    oh please

    Exacly! It's Triple A what has he done in the bigs? Hensley Meulens was great in the minors as well How that turn out? Or were you even a fan then?
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    Shut Up

    Don't tell me about grammar ok chump! I am a passionate Yankee Fan Who makes a priority to watch every game, I'm not some fair weather Fan like yourself ok chumsley? I'm glad your community college...
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