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  1. Homer

    Furthermore the idea of looking at Homer Bailey's odd face every fifth day spooks me a bit.

  2. Should say prospect

    Should say prospect
  3. re

    Billy Hamilton is their star player, won't happen
  4. Stubbs continued

    What if arredondo was included plus one of their top pitching prospects like Robert Stephenson or Tony Cingrani, we'll throw in Ramirez for a change of scenery guy for them.
  5. Stubby Continued

    Drew Stubbs is better than you give him credit for, also the Reds are loaded with relief pitching, so any trade involving Dickey for Stubbs would have to include more coming our way obviously, but...
  6. Stubby question

    The Reds are loaded in the outfield, so I believe they would trade Drew Stubbs, who at 28 is still young enough with upside. he gives us a center fielder, power and speed. I would dangle...
  7. Dickey for Austin Jackson?

    This may be a dumb question, but would the Tigers consider a Dickey for Austin Jackson deal?
  8. Trade dickey

    As much as I love R.A, we should see what we can get for him,(preferably a center fielder with a decent obp and some speed), and keep Niese who is a bargain for the next few years. We also should...
  9. Smart move

    I believe this was SA's doing. I think he realizes he has a legitimate chance at getting Cody Ross, and he offered Bay the trade-off of salary deferral for freedom, time will tell, but if that's the...
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