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    Jason Babin to the cowboys?

    Now that he is free at last I see no reason why the Boys dont scoop him up asap. Demarcus I spanked ya WARe and Babin on the same defense is just not fair.

    They would be getting sacks every other...
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    My Dog is mad at me

    Hello everyone! New here to the board! Long story short I was backing out of my driveway yesterday trying to tweet so I was not looking and I hit my dog. I jumped out of the car and luckily I was...
  3. Hello Everyone I am so excited to be here!

    My name is John. My favorite basketball player is Lebron James. I also like Omer Asik, Vlade Divac, Kwame Brown, and Smush Parker. I have once met Barry Bonds he is a big and strong man. I like the...
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