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  1. pg dilemna

    sounds cool, but not sure who would back up dwill since dragic wants to be a starter. lowry on the way out too. maybe sign and trade dragic for a backup pg cuz i dont think we will have any draft...
  2. can i get 83 guesses? one of them has to be...

    can i get 83 guesses? one of them has to be right! :facepalm:
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    Poll: pick your poison

    voted for shane because of his pestiness on top scorers. love the way he frustrates opponents and plays hard. seems like he does better starting and finds his open looks easier with the starters...
  4. will take time

    yao will start off slow in the beginning of the season and will improve throughout the season. he just has to be at full force for the playoffs. there is so much talent on our team that he does not...
  5. he's not important

    why boo someone who is not deserving of the attention. he had his 5 seconds of spotlight before the shebron fiasco with his twats, i mean tweets' and his documentary dealing with his "hard decision"...
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    education is important from K-12

    K-12 ,as I like to call kevin martin, will educate people on the skills of closing a game. at the free throw line or shooting from the outside, people will learn from K-12. (don't like the k-mart...
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    I am so glad rox07 is not the rocket's coach. such a motibator(he who beats on himself) and not a motivator! No heart and no balls = coward with no drive! :mad:
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    always negativity

    Welcome Brad, don't listen to wannabe GM's that don't know jack about managing a team and having a feel for what players will click together. How many times has Morey been doubted? The naysayers are...
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    Sticky: 1. Location-aransas pass,tx 2 Favorite Current...

    1. Location-aransas pass,tx

    2 Favorite Current Texan-andre johnson

    3. Favorite Former Texan (Oilers can count)-steve mcnair

    4. What other teams in the NFL do you cheer for? whoever is...
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