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  1. Demitra

    Well I think we as are everyone else in agreement, Demitra has completley stunk since returning. Maybe in a more interesting and even scenerio the nucks include Schneiders 1.55 to add to demitra's 4...
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    Kovalchuk a Devil

    wow, kovy went pretty cheap but at his contract demands it's understandable. With Lou Lamariello around there is no chance Kovalchuk's a Devil come next year. Let the "new" Kovalchuk" rumors start...
  3. Sticky: 1. Location- Burnaby BC, born and raised 2....

    1. Location- Burnaby BC, born and raised

    2. Favorite Current Canuck- Lou. I`ve never felt so comftarble with a goalie here before. Lets remember the arturs, potvin, whitmore, burke, ect years....
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    yah i think all Canucks fans knew this was not gonna happen. Always fun to believe a superstar is set to join the team though, oh Gretzky so close.....

    I still think LA has the best mix of...
  5. Kesler

    There is absolutley zero chance the Nucks are going to part with Kesler this year. And I'd say about a 90 % chance he stays next year, of course as a restricted free agent we should be worried about...
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